“lyrics be on fire...much respect”

I.Z.K. - www.reverbnation.com

“Greetings from Australia..I really enjoyed listening to your tracks !! very tight !! My Fave is "Rap Star"..keep up the excellent music”

Hillbilly Dix - www.reverbnation.com

“I LOVE "Rap Star" very hot vibe! ”

Funky Groovy Lemonade - www.reverbnation.com

“Loving the old school soul mixed with the hip hop. Outstanding”

David White - www.reverbnation.com

“Really great grooves you've got here. Color me impressed. Stay awesome!”

Atomic Honey - www.reverbnation.com

“Sick flow my dude! Keep reppin' the real!... ”

A-WASH - reverbnation.com

“WHAT I KNOW is a cool tune. Great lyrics and stomping beats. Love it.”

Jim Dyck and Richard Franklin - www.reverbnation.com

“Love your music!!! "Made It" is my fave! Keep em comin”

T-Magic - www.reverbnation.com

"What i know" is tough as the f*ck!


“ "You'll find one or two songs here that evoke some pleasant and unpleasant memories. You'll probably also rediscover some old favorites. Kalamity is the new wave of Hip Hop Music"”

J Chrill - www.facebook.com

" 'Twice as Crazy' is a hit record my dude... keep grinding "

CorePreme - Reverbnation.com

"Procrastination" wow !!!! awesome !! great production too, congrats !!

She Said & Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation.com

““RAP STAR”- Lyrically inclined dose of Hip Hop”

Grand Rapids,MI - Big Mic Producer