Kevin Gordon / Press

““Dude’s a juke-joint professor emeritus.” (3 1/2 star review)”

Wil Hermes - Rolling Stone

"'Gloryand' [is] an often harrowing tour of the back-roads South with scenes of burning churches, a serio-comic brawl after a ZZ Top concert in Shreveport, La., and — most memorably — the time the Klan showed up when his seventh-grade marching band performed about 90 miles from there in Colfax."

Peter Applebome - The New York Times

"Four stars… The sheer brilliance of the lyrics to Colfax/Step in Time alone justifies a top rating for the first album in seven years from this Southern-raised poet/rocker. Gordon sketches a not-so-simple portrait of a junior-high marching band on a bus trip, and every single image feels, tastes, smells and sounds absolutely true."

Jerry Shriver - USA Today

"Four stars… Vivid… [Gordon] tells these Southern-based tales so exquisitely that they resonate with his listeners. 'Gloryland' certainly stands as a glorious example of Americana songwriting."

Mike Berick - American Songwriter

“Every now and then, someone writes a great song and fellow songwriters curse themselves for not coming up with the same idea . . . more rare though, is the undeniably superb song that could only have come from one mind, and from one person's experience. Kevin Gordon's "Colfax" is that song . . . about a kid in the marching band but ends up being about the heart of American darkness and the steel that it takes to move beyond. It is not yet on an album, and it will not be recorded by some famous country radio star. But we'll empty your spit-valve for life if you find us anything more stunning . . . when Gordon moves it from stage to CD.”

Peter Cooper - The Tennessean

“Kevin Gordon's O Come Look at the Burning may be the least classifiable . . . but perhaps the best . . ."”

"dirty and beautiful . . ."

“Kevin Gordon was supposed to be a poet, and he wound up playing rock n'roll. His music isn't a career choice, it's a life.”