Kevin Dillard / Press

“WELL!.. FINALLY!.. I've hit the big time! NOW ON SALE @ WALMART! Whoddah Thunk?!?.. http://www.walmart.com/ip/8201923”


“Chosen to appear on Steve Vai's 11/8/11 episode of GuitarTV.com's "Fresh Talent Hour" @ www.GuitarTV.com”

“The tone, the singing lines, extremely well crafted..”

".. beautiful lyricism and moods..".. "beautiful stuff.."... "superb control.."..

".. he's by far one of the best instructors you can find as he's one of those few that can not only play but actually teach effectively..."

"There are countless rock shred tutorial books on the market, primed to cover the standard approaches to developing lightning speed. Thankfully, Kevin Dillard's "Intelli-Shred" is a little different in that he covers scale types and famous players alongside technique approaches like picking, legato and tapping. While not groundbreaking, there is an attempt to balance shred development alongside melodic appeal and stylistic traits that make players like Vai, Satriani, Petrucci, Johnson and Lynch stand out from the crowd, With some tasty and muscular etudes to finish; intermediate plus rockers will find much to keep themselves busy here."

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