Kevin DeHond and Michael Catalano / Press

"Last time these guys were here, you complimented them on their passionate sound as you sipped your coffee and indulged in cheesecake! Later that night they cranked it up and the party began!! "

“Hey Kevin, Just a quick note of thanks once again for sending me the mp3 of "YOU WERE MADE FOR ME" earlier this year. I recall you mentioning that you had some assistance from James Richmond of Prime Time Funk. A very good friend of mine (Ronnie Leigh) is the lead vocalist in that group. Please feel free to send me other material for airplay consideration in the future. Wishing you only great things ahead in 2014. Take care, Eric Cohen WAER - Syracuse”

"That first song is so perfect it hurts!" Re: You Were Made For Me -Studio

David Layton - songwriter Wales, UK - Reverb Nation

"Kevin, Just a follow up to say thanks again for sending me the mp3 of your latest track "YOU WERE MADE FOR ME." Was able to finally give it a spin a few weeks back on WAER here in Syracuse. Really nice band you've got too. Take care, Eric Cohen Music Director"

“Hi Kevin, It was our pleasure to play your song last Sunday night on The Shakedown. Your song sounds great and Frank and I like it a lot. Don't worry if you missed it, we will be playing your song again on the air some time soon! Take care and keep in touch. All the best, Woody Producer - The Sunday Night Shakedown 98.9 The Buzz WBZA FM Entercom Rochester rochesterbuzz.com”

“Kevin, Your tune is well crafted, nicely produced and your rasp sounds fine. It is not 'jazz', strictly speaking, but that's a minor issue. I'll include it in the next batch of new music. It will be on air for at least a month, probably starting at the end of August. Regards, Lee Rust, North Coast Radio 105.9 / WJZR”

Lee Rust, General Manager - North Coast Radio 105.9 / WJZR

“Local guitarist Kevin DeHond has been part of the Rochester entertainment scene since the 1970’s when he served as an on-air personality for the AM rock station, WSAY; and maybe more importantly, served up drinks while bartending at Scorgies and the Penny Arcade. Meeting musicians by traveling in those circles, Kevin soon found himself playing in local groups including Passenger and Resurrection – popular in local clubs and included on two WCMF Homegrown albums. A prolific songwriter, you may know his piece. “Took All My Love,” by Passenger, which was featured on his debut CD, Life In A Box and is included in his live shows. Kevin now performs his "Eclectic Soft Electric" mix of original material and covers. He includes some Allman Brothers and a little Grateful Dead along with unique renditions of Marvin Gaye, Todd Rundgren, Johnny Mathis, Carol King and others. ”