Kevin Boyer / Press

“I am proud to announce my artist endorsement with LINE 6 ! LINE 6 specializes in modeling amplifiers, recording software, and digital modeling guitars, Line 6 is dedicated to inspiring creativity with its music-creation products. Check out all of their great products at www.line6.com”

“I am proud to announce my & FM90's new artist endorsement with DREAM EARZ. Dream Earz Custom Fitted In Ear Monitors and Earplugz are truly as unique as your fingerprint. They are individually handcrafted here in the United States to create a High Fidelity Stereo Sound System in your ear canal. I will be on their artist page soon with my custom GTR-3X IEM's. I am excited to be affiliated with this USA company ! www.dreamearz.com”

“Loaded with North Central Indiana's well known musicians FM 90 was cooked up in the summer of 2008 with the passion to deliver an unforgettable performance at every show. Superb vocals, smokin' guitar riffs accompanied by a rock solid rhythm section and a collective resume exceeding 4, 100 performances FM90 has stepped up to the plate to the next level of Rock ! "FM90 will be worth the wait to hear this young Group with their own unique distinctive commercial sound."”

“Pendleton - Playing to a packed house, local rock and roll band FM90 were happy to fill Rokafellow’s Hall in Pendleton with enthusiastic fans after recently announcing their band had been signed to a record deal. According to a press release from Castle Records, a division of Tower Music Group, the Nashville, TN. label that signed the band, the three other members are also from Madison County.“Gabriel Sigler, Anderson, Chad Bishop, Alexandria, Kyle Gibson, Anderson and Kevin Boyer sought to form a new band that based itself on professional talent accompanied with the lack of musical egos and an unforgettable stage presence with a passion to deliver an unforgettable performance at every show.” ”

“ANDERSON, Ind. — A certain alternative, almost grunge rock sound resonates in the lyrics and music of a local band that got its start playing ’90s-era cover songs in crowded bars.The band, FM90, will kick off 2012 with new music and a recording contract courtesy of Castle Records, a division of Tower Music Group. A chain reaction of events brought the four together. FM90 put the talents together and an original sound was born.”Right now, the focus for the band is its new single, “Freedom,” about reaching out and understanding life’s imperfections.Sigler’s smooth voice, a combination of Layne Staley of Alice in Chains and David Draiman of Disturbed, opens the song, which soon breaks into a guitar-pounding chorus. The keyboard adds an almost haunting, goth-like twist. The song is demanding, prompting the audience to shout “hey" ! ”