Kevin Abernathy / Press

“Kevin Abernathy is the best undiscovered singer-songwriter in America.”

Wayne Bledsoe - Knoxville News Sentinel / WDVX

“He’s a great guitarist and stellar songwriter. You gotta love any record that reminds you both of Steve Earle and Hot For Teacher, sometimes in the same song. Kevin's just an amazing guitar player, songwriter, and band leader.”

Tim Lee - Tim Lee 3

“Here’s a singer/songwriter that demands immediate discovery, because Some Stories isn’t just some album. Dare we say, it’s quite a masterpiece.”

Lee Zimmerman - No Depression

“He may not be Christian rock, but his songs sure do make you wanna hate Satan”

Matt Morelock - WDVX

“Kevin Abernathy just does what he does, very freakin’ well: writes killer songs, makes great records, and watches everything with the wry wit, poignant introspection and simmering-below-the-surface sarcasm of Darkness On The Edge Of Town-era Springsteen.”

Steve Wildsmith - The Daily Times

“A very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist that’s been hiding right in our own backyard.”

Karen E. Reynolds - host of WDVX’s Writers’ Block Series

“Singer/songwriter/hotshot guitar slinger Kevin Abernathy has years in the music biz and it shows on his latest release, where he’s alternately world-weary and pissed off and sometimes a little of both. Quality stuff to listen to on a rainy day, a road trip or a drunken Sunday.”

Metro Pulse

“His delivery and cadence, combined with the mix of ballads and rockers cooked up in a soup of country and blues laid over a rock n roll foundation make it easy to imagine that if Lucinda Williams had been born a guy, she might very well have turned out sounding like Abernathy.”

Steve Wildsmith - The Daily Times