KEVEN / Press

"Keven brings a highly polished performance to the stage. His amazing talent, presence and intensity are truly awe inspiring. His show is a refreshing insight of the artists commitment to the art of entertainment."

"KEVEN is truly breath taking and remarkable! I haven't herd anything like the sound of KEVEN and I love it! Moving, Meaningful and magic! AWESOME Work!"

““It was a true pleasure to have you perform at the center. It was inspiring to experience your talent and professionalism.””

"You are very talented Keven ! Keep making it happen."

““Nice works Keven. So you're a man of many hats I see, well the hats worn here show great skill & execution. Keep it goin Keven you've got a fan In us!” ”

Timmy Matrixx & Dappa Don Producers/Remixers

““Terrific tracks and sound…I enjoyed visiting your site….All the best for continued success in all of your musical pursuits….” -Songwriter/ Bass player Pat Branch ”

Pat Branch - Songwriter/ Bass players Comment

“Keven Porter, Jr., a 2000 graduate of Poway High School, will return to the city to perform songs from his latest album by Porter Productions, entitled “Keven: Darklight” in a two hour and fifteen minute pop, rock, dance show 6:30 p.m. Jan. 22 at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. As a student at Poway High, Porter played leading roles in school productions and wrote a lyrical composition, entitled “Anything Is Possible” that won awards in the state’s Palomar Annual Reflections competition. While attending San Diego State University, Porter performed at the Spreckles Theater and self-released his first record, “For All Times” in 2004, followed by five others. Porter started recording his Darklight album in late 2009 with JCB Music Studio in San Diego.”

"You got one hell of a voice man! Very talented! Keep up the good work. Usually I am very much into giving other artists my constructive criticism, but I think you have put your music together so good that it is 100% gra..."

Rapper Big Chief

"You're great creator! Your creativity is best! Awesome, yr music gave me inspiration!"

Japanese Music Recording Artist "Length"

“January 1st 2011, will launch new original dynamic sound within the realm of music! Inspired by such music legends as Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder, this project will feature twenty original tracks of the hottest pop, rock, hip hop, spoken word, and R&B. However, don’t just take my word for it…”

““Love the music cascading down. Vocals right on the money. Cool electric licks and a fine lyric. Drum keeps it movin'. Very well done.””

AOM Artist of the Month

““He understands how effective and powerful subtle changes in tone, beats, and delivery and business; give range and depth to his performance. I have no doubt he will soon be a success.””

Film/ Video Director Sherra Powell

““Great performances…! Mixes are AWESOME!””

Show Dogs Recording Studio owner Brad Miller

““I think the music is exceptional...........Good luck with your musical future.......I think it will continue to shine.””

Musician James Cain

““Great vocals Keven, I joined your fan club!””

M.A.D. Records / B.M.I. Recording Artist Nashville TN

““Damn.... I like your songs a lot.... and I'm picky! GREAT ALBUM TITLE!”

Music Producer/ Manager/ Songwriter Eric Pickel

““Great tracks and performances! Can't wait to hear more!”

Songwriter & ASCAP member Ed Dunn

““Sounds great! WOW!! Awesome for sure!””

Songwriter/ NSAI & BMI member Diane Glee

““Tight as a drum, love it!””

Music Producer/ Songramp Artist of the Month, Year, & Song of the Month RJC

““I can hear the Michael influence for sure, but it's yours now! Really tight production and great emotive vocals! Love the harmonies! Nice clear vocals, good lyrics. It definitely gets you moving with it, and is one of the better ones that I've heard in this genre. Very cool! I'll look for more from you!””

Songwriter/ ASCAP member Sheila Kaufman

““This would play well live!!! Well constructed, the hooks, hook!!!””

Songwriter Rittmo

““Got the chance to hear your music… Definitely Not Bad! Keep doing your thing!””

TopVibe Beats

““Your music sounds awesome! Luv it! You are just super awesome!””

Recording Artist Chole J.

““Very nice! I like it!””

Universal Music Group’s Afrimus Dupus