Kettle of Fish / Press

"Best of Southwest Florida. When it comes to local rock bands that perform classic and original songs with equal, crowd-pleasing aplomb, Sarasota-based Kettle of Fish is the best."

Wade Tatangelo - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"If you enjoy wicked blues with a strong dose of Southern rock, then Kettle of Fish is your kind of band, and this CD belongs in your collection. Keep an eye on these guys -they are the real deal." "Kettle of Fish music is rootsy and honest, working to cross-pollinate soulful blues with the energy of rock and roll."

Hittin' the Note

"One of the best discs to come out of the 941 area for some time. It is a great mix of blues, rock, soul, funk and R&B that will appeal to a wide audience."

Steve Arvey - 12 Bar Rag

"Big shots of the 941." “I think it’s pretty simple why they’re my favorite local band,” she said. “They’re exceptional at bringing the audience into the experience.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune