Kerry Leigh / Press

“...a Southern Bowie.”


“Kerry's music reminds me of a cleaned up Neil Young.”


"Fantastic writing really loved the lyric and progressions for "Everybodys Dream"...the vocal has an almost Springsteen quality..honest, muscular, uncluttered. really strong work and a pleasure to listen to!"

Mike White - Mike White Presents

"Kerry plays California Country Rock. In the tradition of the greats, he starts off with a folkie foundation and builds a soulful house of songs utilizing brotherly vocal harmonies (a la the Everlys) and contagious pop hooks."

Independent Music Review

“Putting this review in the rock genre might be slightly misleading, since Kerry Leigh's album "Anger Grows" contains a varied selection of genres ranging from rock to instrumental, and blues to folksy protest type songs, such as the title track, "Anger Grows." However, Kerry's songs retain a common sound, which is a laid back folk rock feel that ties the album together. The lyrics and phrasing are easy to follow and create an enjoyable listen. ”

“Anger Grows captures the unsettled atmosphere of the times with a dynamic musical vehicle that is accessible to a wide range of listeners. Kerry Leigh communicates several varied themes by blending an Americana mix of Rock, Folk, Blues and Country influences that defy the bounds of any single musical genre. ”