KerosintinI / Press

“Rodion and Marina, better known as Kerosintini (@KerosintinI), is a Russian electronica duo who show Top 40 Pop potential with “You Are Going Insane”. Back in the mid-1990s and last decade, this would have been a surefire hit with mainstream radio programmers. In this social media era, to be a hit a song does not necessarily need to be overplayed on the radio. Millions of views of a single video can generate revenue and increase downloads and CD sales. This tandem is the ultimate DIY group, as they handle all of the production themselves right down to the video featured here. It is shy of a million views now, but with the proper awareness nothing is going to hold Kerosintini back from international success.”

“Kerosintini has the technical savvy to lay down beats like Timbaland and pound out beautiful, ethereal vocals, but they bend and distort these electro industrial songs beyond recognizable pop. There is a bitter, dark grunge to these tracks that make them dirty and almost human, kind of like Frankenstein’s monster.”

“There's a dalliance with disaster here, it seems. Much of the imagery surrounding Kerosintini implies no such playfulness or irony: our listener is joking about some serious matters. Minimal lighting, barely audible (and fatalistic) lyrics, blood-red visual hues, and the feral appearance of disheveled figures in several promo-shots: these are the markers of Kerosintini's activity. This isn't so much a multi-media "decadence" instigated by its practitioners as the sound of wholesale disaster, brought about by external forces. Any sense of pleasure therein comes, perhaps, from final submission — or what the Russian poet Bella Akhmadulina once called the "luxury of misfortune..."”