Keonna Evans / Press

“Coming on this International Tour is Singer, Songwriter and former American Idol contestant, Keonna Evans. Evans will be performing her hit songs during the tour and is expected to encourage students to follow their dreams and aspirations.Evans was scheduled to arrive in Belize this morning.”

“R&B Singer Keonna Evans Visits Belize is teen R and B Pop Singer and songwriter and a former American Idol Contestant, Keonna Evans. The inspirational duo begins their tour with an appearance at Maud Williams High School.”

“Update on the amazing Keonna Evans! This amazing girl we found after submitting a YouTube video, and we took her to LA and she wowed Agents and Managers alike. She has done some incredible things, she has walked for several Designers for LA Fashion week, print ads for JC Penney and Blue City Clothing, commercials for Gatorade and Nike Basketball, sang at the LA House of Blues, sang the National Anthem for the LA Galaxy, appeared on Nick's Victorious, and most notably finished in the top 60 for Fox's American Idol. Keonna is a class act, and a truly talented performer, who can sing, dance, act, and model. Congratulations on all your success Keonna! ”

““Keonna is probably one of the most soulful people I’ve met in a very long time,” she says. “She is what she appears to be, there is no pretense. She sings from her heart.” ”

““Keonna has a natural singing ability, a one-in-a-million kind of voice,” says Tina Abeel, voice teacher at The Gallery School of Music and Dance in Port Orchard. “She’s a girl with internal beauty, and that comes through in her music.” ”

"Awards up to $20,000 scholarships for the top 11 performers given to the child(ren) with the most singing, dancing, and acting potential. 3 of those scholarships were paid for by Mr. Brady himself. Keonna Evans was one to receive one."

“'Keonna Evans owned American Idol last nite! Our whole staff had chills watching the lead up to her time to sing, and then her group got a standing ovation from Randy, J-Lo, and Steven Tyler! We are going to have the whole Seattle Talent family voting for you Keonna!'”

"15 year old Keonna Evans is a Singer, Dancer, Actor & Model who is confident, strong & will never be anything but herself!!! "

“Singing soloist reminiscent of the early days of the Jackson 5, 16-year-old Keonna Evans, and 4 other 15 year olds took turns impressing the judges of American Idol. Not even bothering to deliberate, J Lo stated the obvious by sending all five onto the next round.”