Kentucky Knife Fight / Press

“On "Hush Hush", their second long-player, they continue to mix dark country with even darker blues, and bring to mind bands like Gun Club, Gallon Drunk and Dream City Film Club, together with songwriters such as Nick Cave and Tom Waits. That's good company to keep, and Kentucky Knife Fight show more than enough promise to hold their heads up amongst those esteemed names.”

"Hush Hush: Wherein the St. Louis-via-Edwardsville band marries its bluesy barroom blitzes with a cinematic scope. For its third full-length, the quintet remains clouded in cigarette smoke and dark-tinted glasses, but there's a touch of the auteur with how the album is assembled."

"Kentucky Knife Fight will raise a hot blister on the most jaded Punk ass.”

Cincinnati Citybeat

“For some reason Kentucky Knife Fight seems like the quintessential St. Louis band to me. I’ve never been to St. Louis and I’m not too familiar with its music scene, but I feel as if Kentucky Knife Fight is representative of my perceived St. Louis sound. With lead singer Jason Holler’s signature snarl over rambling drums and sharp guitar riffs it’s easy to picture myself in a grimy St. Louis bar rocking out to KKF while putting back a Bud or two or five. Fresh off of their first vinyl release with the single “Misshapen Love,” the group rocked the MidPoint stage in Cincinnati last month. Look for these guys to do big things this year!”

“This gang makes dark music for dark rituals in the shadows of the honky-tonks, but the band ultimately worships the blues, in both urban and rural forms, and it kicks the shit out of hillbilly music to boot.”

Roy Kasten - KDHX

“You may show up on Wednesday night of Twangfest at The Pageant to see Hayes Carll but you’ll likely go home talking about Kentucky Knife Fight.”

“KKF exhumes the shriveled-up corpse of ‘70s punk, cuts it open, and stuffs it full of swaggering rockabilly rhythm. For good measure, it throws in a touch of honky tonk. ”

“Imagine the Replacements suffering through sweltering Midwestern summer nights instead of cold Minnesota winters, and infused with a little less punk and a little more dirty twang...”