Kenny Wesley / Press

“...the most exciting artist since Prince.”

"...Press play and fall in soulful-nerd love with...Kenny Wesley."

“...the voice of an angel with the skill of Billie Holiday..."”

“...funky & exciting, a voice taking us in the right direction”

“Kenny's tenor is Hathaway deep, Luther warm and, in terms of color, could only be described as golden. Truly an anointing moment whenever he and a microphone cross paths. ”

“Let me tell y’all, lord this chile can SANG. If you ever get a chance to see him in and around your part of town, go take the show in.”

“...one of the most promising independent artists on the scene today. Possessing a resonant and versatile voice...He dazzled the audience with his tone and range, sliding into low notes skipping into highs. Remarkably, he has a gift of scat with an uncommon musicality.”

“Kenny’s four octave range and quirky accessibility held the audiences’ attention captive with its plunging low tones, soaring high notes and mastered control...His songs took its listeners on a journey through love’s perils and triumphs; their breath hung on every note.”

“...Make sure you take a minute to familiarize yourself with his brand of sophisticated soul as he continues to move onward and upward.”