Kenny Thacker / Press

"Thacker, who takes care of lead vocals and plays guitar throughout the album, is joined by a talented group of musicians for this project. The band includes Clay Hess (guitar and mandolin), Ron Block (guitar and banjo), Shad Cobb (clawhammer banjo), Tim Crouch (fiddle), Byron House (bass), and Buddy Greene (harmonica). Several members of the Cox Family provided harmony vocals, as well. Fans of traditional bluegrass should certainly enjoy On the Front Porch. Thacker has done a nice job of updating these old songs just enough to make them fresh, but still preserve their classic sound. Even though the tunes are almost all familiar ones, there’s nothing wrong with tradition."

“There is music that reminds one of a specific time and place – a song that connects a person to the past. Most of us will hear a special tune or album and remember a significant time in our lives. It’s the soundtrack of a season. Then there is music that is felt in the bones, notes that drip with the ache and the joy of a life lived, harmony that tells you where you’ve been and perhaps where you’re going. That is the music of home, and Knott County’s own Kenny Thacker is eager to tell you his story of home in song.”