Kenny Smoov / Press

“BBD Headlines Kenny Smoov Anniversary Celebration - The group — who earned huge early ’90s hits with “Poison” and, ahem, “Do Me!” — will headline a party for Nashville radio personality Kenny Smoov, who’s celebrating his five-year anniversary at 92Q. While their nostalgic show might send fans down memory lane, Michael Bivins says he and his band mates don’t get any flashbacks when they perform.”

“There aren't many disc jockeys in any format whom I would favorably compare to the great ones who schooled me on all types of music in my youth, from the blues and jazz to country and gospel. But WQQK program director and weekday mid-morning jock Kenny Smoov is a throwback to the greats like Rufus Thomas, Nat D. Williams, "Hoss" Allen, Ralph Emery and John "R" Richbourg in that he's both a fine storyteller and personality, and can hook listeners through savvy musical choices that naturally flow. While he's not going to mimic some of the old-timers' more zany on-air antics, Smoov—on air from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays, right after The Tom Joyner Morning Show—makes any time you spend listening to him worthwhile. RON WYNN”