Kenny Schick / Press

“the all acoustic album is smooth without being easy-listening. And while the emotion is deep and pressing...”

“The warmth and immediacy of the production contributes to the heartfelt vibe of this disc. Kenny Schick's Under is crisp, contemporary American folk music, inspired by trip to the other side of the world.”

Chip Withrow - Muses Muse

“I love what I’m hearing. My brain feels like it’s actually getting bigger....”

indie-music.com - indie-music.com

“This is a project that effectively uses many styles of music to create a sound that offers aesthetic quality while remaining musically accessible. A+ ”

Phillip E. Hardy - new artist radio

“Sounds Like: acoustic Grant Lee Buffalo, 9/10: .. a starkly beautiful acoustic gem... lyrics and vocals are personal and confessional... the instrumentation is organic. I’ve been listening to this one a lot lately, discovering nuances with each spin.”

Chip Withrow - Muses Muse