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“No two ways about it, Kenny Howes writes and performs some excellent power pop. What is less understandable is why the man remains so obscure.”

“You're officially the coolest stranger I met on the internet! And your songs are kick ass!”

Kieran Campbell, Facebook fan - Facebook

“Howes is an excellent singer, songwriter and guitarist who has released six full-length discs over the last 10 years.”

Robert Kinsler - Orange County Register

“I'd never heard of Kenny Howes until I got The Right Idea, a compilation of remixed and remastered songs from his first 3 CD's (now out of print) - one trip through the disc and I was heading to eBay to try to find the originals.”

“Is Kenny doomed to be known only to reclusive critics and connoisseurs of fine pop? Not if there's any justice in the world - his fine sense of melody and honed lyrical style make for music that's substantial yet instantly likeable.”

“Howes is not afraid to wear his influences (mostly pop) on his sleeve, and is that really such a fashion crime? Especially when it seems that Howes comes up with something noteworthy and wholly original more often than not.”

“If you're looking for an obscure pop sensation who is virtually unknown despite obvious talent and credibility, you owe it to yourself to give Kenny Howes a listen.”

“Howes has released a number of strong albums since the mid-1990s, including 1998's "Back to You Today!" and 2002's "Until Dawn."”

“Howes recorded and released 1995's Nothing Wrong With That and 1996's excellent Kenny Howes' Second Album, the record which first scored Howes some national attention.”

“Kenny Howes' first three albums -- Nothing Wrong With That, Kenny Howes' Second Album, and Back to You Today! -- were some of the most talked-about releases of the mid-'90s power pop underground...Howes' skewed lyrical sense and fondness for brash, rough-edged production keep things on the right track.”

“A proud member of the power pop underground bred by the growth of the Internet.”

“[Howes'] music has been described as "some of the most perfect power pop … drawing to mind the likes of everyone from The Beatles and Who to Trip Shakespeare and Matthew Sweet, and even throwing in a bit of garage rock," said Geoff Melton, In Music We Trust. Kenny Howes has released four CD's of original material – including the best-of compilation The Right Idea on Second Heaven Records.”

"...Kenny Howes...was a bona fide power pop superstar in the late 90′s. Tornadoes Here and Past, a new album full of original material...showcases Kenny’s instrumental prowess." "Overall another triumphant comeback in a year full of them. Don’t miss this one either."

"I've always admired Kenny's ability to write a concise, catchy song, and "Tornadoes Here and Past" has them in spades. And I've always admired his ability to generate such a distinctive sound. Above and beyond just the combination of Rickenbacker and Vox, Kenny has a way with chord voicing and harmony that is uniquely his own."

"[Kenny Howes' disc] 'Lady Friend' is no-frills pop-rock with traces of glam, indie and garage thrown into the mix. Very visceral in presentation and ‘in-your-face’ overall and impossible to ignore. Pop with power, indeed."