Kenny Curcio / Press

“I really dig these guys. High energy rock, great vocals and saxophone!”

Mark C. Rogers - 93.7 WSTW

"Music that combines one amazing guitar vibe with a solid bass groove and passionate vocals, wow!"

Robyn-Jane - Reverb Artist

"Dynamite sound and great tracks! Much respect to your excellent work!!!!"

Identity - Felicia - Reverb Artist

"Never Let Go...what an amazing song. Outstanding music and vocals. I love your style!"

Teresa Wing - Reverb Artist

"Fantastic collection of bright, vibrant original songs that really highlight your skill for writing the accesible, conversational lyric and the catchy, solid rockin hook. Really enjoyed the "all i need" track, with it's superb vocal, and loved the deep funky vibe you got going on in "get up to get down"..dang, that is one FAT bassline!! Awesome skills bro!"

MikeWhitePresents - Reverb Artist

"Exceptionally, compelling, well-crafted and well-performed music. Thanks for posting it."

Kerry Leigh - Reverb Artist

"You have a great sound man! Really like it!"

Swell Daze - Reverb Artist

"Magnificent tunes!!!Keep it up!!Much success in all your future endeavors!!!"

Pace Ride - Reverb Artist