Kenny Freeman / Press

"From the sweetness that is 'Lay Me Down' to the soulful 'Psychedelic Blues'. 'Ain't Broken Down' is a great freshman album from Kenny Freeman. Hints of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, and even Eric Clapton."

“The first track of this album to really jump out at me was "Too Long". Kenny writes and sings as an old soul, one that has experienced life firsthand. The East Texas roots come out loud and clear throughout the album. An excellent debut by any standard.”

“I love the blues and I like country. All of the songs on this album work for me and I want to hear more like it from Kenny Freeman. Interesting lyrics and great musicians with him. Ever since I got it, I continue to enjoy this album on my iPod and every time I get into my car. There is a lot of energy here and it makes me want to find where I can hear Kenny and his group perform live. I hope they make it to Nashville soon and I look forward to a follow-up album.”