Kendra LadyBlaze Whirley / Press

“Dopest female shyt, n thats real :)”

Jessica Irving - On Lady Blaze Music


V.$lugg - On my upcoming mixtape dubbed Maine Attracktion

“Big thank you to Scott Winchell and Winchell Productions...we did work last night fellas and you set the precedent for professionalism and quality...got on they level if u claiming to be a producer just sayin =)”

Lady Blaze - On the producers and behind the scene braniacs

“when you get a disk out let me know and ill buy one....ppl need to hear the skills”

OneNonly Nikoli - On my upcoming mixtape

“i was so gonna put that as my status: *in the words of LadyBlaze, ya'll bitches target practice* big ups to Kendra keepin it real even in her SICK lyrics cause ya'll phonies is actors :) keep shinin sweet cheeks u give me incentive to follow my dreams cause there is a world much bigger out there!!!! :) #luvinit ♥”

Crystal Jordan

“This shit is fire kendra!”

Tony Douglas

“May i just say this is amazing i remember when we worked at g.f chillin listening to what u were commin out with its sn great to c how far you have come cheers to you my friend much love always”

Jennifer Felker

“Kendra your song is great! I tried to post it on my tumblr people have gotten book/record deals from putting their stuff on tumblr. Send me the Url and I will post it! Good luck girl hopefully you will blow Nicki Minaj off the stage chica!!”

Cheralynn VanDenburgh Finley - Cheralynn VanDenburgh Finley