Ken Bonfield / Press

“The Artistry of the Guitar House Concert Series visited Salt Lake City this weekend...after an evening of such warmth and fanciful guitar play, one thing is certain —wherever these three play, whether together or on their own —audiences are in for a memorable evening of music and great storytell”

“Bonfield's performances have been described as Leo Kottke meets Ed Gerhard on the way to a Bill Cosby concert.”

“Ken Bonfield's instrumental guitar work patently avoids the incessant noodling that all too often defines virtuoso performances. Instead, melody is king and Bonfield's gifted fingers flesh out a beautiful cavalcade of notes that are at times reminiscent of a human voice singing and often soaring”

Frank Rabey - Mountain Xpress

“Bonfield's music always evokes strong emotions and vivid images…(he) may be the best acoustic guitarist recording today.”

Bill Binkelman - Wind and Wire

““Ken Bonfield is a child of Leo Kottke. He shares Kottke's intricate finger picking techniques and casts them in an intimate setting that he calls, American Baroque.””

John DiLiberto - Echoes