Kelsey Rottiers / Press

"Rottiers is a Grand Rapids Singer/Songwriter who means business, proving it with remarkable voice that at once recalls Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Bush, and Feist, while adding singularly rootsy Americana-hued, emotion drenched inflections. But on her second album Rottiers mostly means business in drawing attention to the horrors of human-trafficking, a theme linking all six tracks, in melodic, heartbreaking fashion. The Flint area transplant, known for her distinctive red boots, has long embraced the anti-trafficking cause, but few artists could translate that into such powerful songwriting, focusing on different perspectives of a crisis long overlooked here and over seas. And as the title implies, she manages to do it with an air of hope."

"For starters, Kelsey has a fantastic voice. It is very calm, very soothing, and brilliantly crisp, clean, and elegant. Her vocal range is impeccable. And when she decides to let loose, look out. I’ll be frank – Kelsey has one hell of a voice. I love the way she gets so into her music and how passionate she is. Every now and then she’ll give off a little “growl” when she sings which, for me, is one of the things I like most about her music. Her voice is the very embodiment of passion and emotion. Gives me chills!"

"On first hear, this lovely lady reminds me of the possible love child of Missy Higgins, Neko Case, and Jenny Lewis. Total “indie” girl singer-songwriter genre. And, that’s a good thing. We need more fun, smart female artists making waves in the world."

" We think it's just a matter of time before Kelsey and her band are a household name. This girl has got it going on."

"Kelsey has been getting lots of great media press for recent performances in Grand Rapids and West Michigan... see why music fans and critics have fallen in love with her."

“Kelsey has what Pop Music lacks. Her sweet tenderness wrapped around gutsy grit, with a bold, unobtrusive expression of faith makes her and her songwriting more than just original.”

Kenneth Eby - Lighthouse Coffee Co.

"this is an impressive songwriter with a terrific voice whose folk-infused rock has a hook-filled pop quality."