Kelsey Mira / Press

“#MusicMonday Listen to 'Winter Paradise' by Fool's Chaos and Kelsey Mira ♫ http://EclecticBliss.com + iTunes http://bit.ly/cxzg6x”

“love your sound! this is the kind of music i would pay to see publicized. hope your music reaches as many hearts and ears as possible”

“See, the thing is, you're doing this thing which is everything that I just love and adore about modern pop music..a rich amalgamation of styles and sounds that pull in sounds and influences from everywhere and everything, but it stays rooted in tight, melodic pop creations that deliver and grab the listener in the first 15 seconds..shades of Tori Amos, Bat4Lashes even Radiohead in this music and always led by that stunning, elegant voice. Just incredible work.."don't stop now" might be my favourite, although "The Wall" is such a superb piece of writing, it's hard to choose!!”

“Boldly carving out her space...uniquely, amongst such a galaxy of stars, Kelsey Mira *reflects true substance within her music that, at the very least, equals.....if not *outshines most of them indeed! Originality at it's best. ”

“I just have to say that I've been listening to you every day, my wife loves your music too! you are on my I pod mix we listen to when we drive anywhere now.”

Luka - Reverbnation

“For songstress Kelsey Mira, there's a harmony to life. Especially now that she can remember the little things - like where she lives, and what happened a few minutes ago. The Mason [22]-year-old feels she's out of the woods after battling short-term memory loss since age 7 - when she had a close call with a rare occurrence of bacterial meningitis. Kelsey started singing to herself, and her memory has gradually improved as she explored a budding passion for music. Her unique singing voice and talent to sing even in foreign languages is drawing attention. She's young. She's beautiful. She's got talent.”