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“This is a lovely introduction, the vocalist has a special sound to her voice very distinctive, it is crystal clear with a huge range of notes, top class voice. The production is perfect, this is a hit for me, the band play their instruments perfectly, awesome tune!”

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“Intro is very catchy, I'll probably be humming it later. Mix is FANTASTIC. Vocalist has a great quality to her singing. Harmonies are lovely. Great contrast between the verses and choruses. Nice breakdown for the Bridge. Quiet, almost whispered ending was a great choice contextually for the theme of the song. I'd buy it.”

A Music Review - Soundout Review Site

“This is definitely catchy. The singer is so talented and the whole arrangement is wonderfully made. It sounds like it was done by a professional. I would definitely want to buy this song if it ever comes out. I am so in love with this song !”

A Music Review - Soundout Review Site

“Beautiful View is the debut album for Kelsey Lewis and it’s a great release for this American vocalist and songwriter. The music is pop but it is well done and lets the music speaks for itself. It shows off her vocals talents as it does with her songwriting which she writes with others. The album mixes up both the poppy upbeat songs like Ruby Red Shoes and such beautiful ballads as Taking To The Sky which shows her voice which is in fine form as it does the lyrics. The production of the album is solid, it well produced and shows off how good she is a singer. The musicianship is first rate, the band behind her is solid also. It is easy to see why Reverbnation starting giving her love as you can tell with an amazing album like this. If you love discovering new artists and if pop music is your thing. Give this amazing album a go. Their ten tracks of solid songs and songwriting to get your ears around. Kelsey has got it..”

““Critic’s Choice” goes to the upbeat “Ruby Red Shoes” which evokes mental images of Lewis dancing around like a delighted Dorothy who just returned home to kickin’ Kansas." "Lewis works hard to tell tuneful tales that come from the heart. Her "Beautiful View" may just have music fans “Falling” for her."”

"The debut record from Kelsey Lewis, "Beautiful View" is an astounding set musical entries that are sure to set the course for a long career. With the soul of Amy Winehouse, and the range of Jenni Alpert, this is one record you'll want to pick up this summer."

"Beautiful View, released on July 2, is a combination of pop and easy listening, and could easily fit the "indie pop" genre. It is an album that has to be savored in its entirety, because it is meant to delight and fill the listener with felicity, through lyrical storytelling by the singer."

"Today we are going down to Texas to meet an amazing young talent. Kelsey Lewis the latest Texas songbird to grace our pages. She is an extremely talented singer songwriter. Just listen to a few of her songs and you will appreciate just how good she is."

"Today, on July 2nd, Fort Worth artist, Kelsey Lewis, released her debut LP, titled Beautiful View. Featuring 10 original songs, and with a duration of just over 35 minutes, Beautiful View is quite a work of art. Kelsey’s vocal performance on this album was powerful and intense (Beautiful View and Don’t Write a Song), yet calm, relaxing, melodic, and emotional (Falling and Naive). This girl has an incredible and very unique voice, that’s bound to take her far. The instrumentals on this album were just as excellent, especially the bass in Up in the Air and the drumming and guitar in Calendar. On top of that, Kelsey’s songwriting talent really shows through here."

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"Working at KANM student radio, I find myself frequently browsing through new artists on YouTube or Spotify. However, Facebook led to the discovery of one my favorite musicians; a friend posted a music video of a beautiful blonde girl about my same age wearing a bright crimson gown and matching lipstick. That video blew my mind with its stunning lyrics, simple instrumentation, and jaw-dropping visuals. The artist behind this gorgeous music video was 19-year-old Kelsey Lewis from Dallas, Texas. Her lyrics are much deeper than what is expected from a teenager, and her voice is mature, giving me goose bumps."

"She writes about life, what inspires her, what challenges her and about what it feels like to be in love. Her style of music changes with her mood. But, she tends to write and sing with a jazzy, soulful, playful style."

“Kelsey Lewis serenading the crowds at the Texas GOP Convention!! "Belissima! Incredible young talent right here from Texas. I have no doubt there are bigger endeavors awaiting her on the national stage. ”