Kels Boreen Project / Press

“Life Is Too Sweet explores the sounds of life’s emotions while providing music that’s both intriguing and enjoyable to people from all walks of life. It is certainly music you can live to, love to, and think to. And who doesn’t love an album like that?”

“I’m sure liking his music – it’s easy to listen to, and easy to be around”

“I've watched Kels grow up into a fine musician and this year was pivotal in my mind for a couple reasons: really good tunes, vocal maturity and a confidence that was unmistakable.”

“It offered a nice visit with folks who wanted to barter, share sustainability ideas, eat great food, hear music, and more. Sponsored by Kels Boreen’s One Tree Records, the event got an enthusiastic thumbs-up from everyone I checked in with, when I dropped by.”

“Many local human rights activists turned out to support the event, including torture survivors, community groups and others. Live music was provided by J-Minus, Carol Casey, Artis the Spoonman, HeartThink, and Kels Boreen.”

“Kels Boreen put on a Solstice Masquerade Dance that drew dancers & listeners of all ages (I love it when there are events that everybody can go to – how else do the kids get to hear good music? And how else do the older folks get to hear the kids?”