Kelly Richey / Press

“On Angels, the Kentucky native layers crunchy riffs, sassy wah lines, and fiery solos over tight, funky rhythm tracks played by elite Memphis studio cats. But it's Richey's fast powerful picking hand that sets her apart from typical blues-drenched rockers.”

Andy Ellis - Guitar Player Magazine

“Guitarist/singer Kelly Richey has been described as “Stevie Ray Vaughan trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out.” That makes a helluva picture, but it’s as close as words come to describing the talent of this native of Lexington, KY....On these nine original cuts, the Strat-wielding guitarist interprets and expands on the great sounds of the masters, but with many original touches. ”

ECS - Vintage Guitar Magazine

“ On previous albums, Richey's terrific voice stole the spotlight from her sparkling playing. But with Speechless, an inspiring and extraordinarily controlled display of six-string talent, she lets her fingers do the talking.”

Hal Horowitz - Blues Revue Magazine

“Though Carry the Light encircles the blues more than enters it, a blues ambiance persists throughout, especially in her guitar playing approach. It blazes a scorching trail throughout most of the album.”

Brian D. Holland - Modern Guitars

“Kelly Richey’s first new album in five years (Speechless) is an incendiary blast through her influences, an all-instrumental set that picks up where the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, and Al DiMeola left off (or were once spotted) and tears hell for leather through a series of stylings and storms that render you slack-jawed in amazement. ”

Dave Thompson - Goldmine Magazine

“...(Sending Me Angels) “Kelly Richey’s Raw gutsy performance on ‘Nothin’ To Do With Love’ is really accented by her amazing guitar work.”

Album Network

“KELLY RICHEY/Speechless: First, women are outnumbering men in college, now they are taking over all the slots as guitar slingers in the front line....She’s been honing her chops as she goes along until you get the feeling she could step into Stevie Ray Vaughn’s shoes at a moments notice if called to. Hot stuff guitar slinger fans are sure to love.”

Midwest Record

“Kelly Richey is a fiercely gutsy and immensely talented female guitarist based in the Midwest....A purely instrumental album in the rock or blues genres, in my opinion, must try harder to gain and keep the listeners’ attention throughout. Speechless succeeds.”

M.T.H. Weitzman - Elmore Magazine

“I think Kelly Richey would have kicked the snot out of both Steve Vai and the “Karate Kid” if she could’ve stepped into the film Crossroads. Speechless (is) a fitting title for an instrumental stunner that hovers and dives under the blistering influence of Roy Buchanan, Joe Walsh and Warren Haynes.”

John James - NoHo LA

“Cincinnati's Kelly Richey Band marshaled inspirations, passion, and huge talent in to one classy album called Speechless...Great stuff, still indelibly branded KRB.”

Tom Clarke - Hittin' The Note

“Kelly Richey is nothing short of an inspirational guitar player... I have never before heard a woman rip it out on a guitar like this.”

John Shelton Ivany - Top Twenty One

“Gritty, topical, socially-conscious lyrics are the standard on these eleven originals, all hammered home by her blistering fretwork and assertive, “take-noprisoners” vocal delivery.” …” For an insightful look at a brilliant woman of the blues, enjoy “Carry The Light” today!!”

Don Crow - Music City Blues—Nashville

“The internationally celebrated Kelly Richey Band evokes the wandering spirits of Big Brother & the Holding Company, the Vaughn Brothers and Band of Gypsys. ”

Louisville Eccentric Observer

“Carry The Light is a powerful and personal statement from Kelly Richey, one that sounds like it’s been tucked away for a long time and bursting to come out. This one is definitely worth your attention. ”

Graham Clark - Phoenix Blues Society

“Just got a copy of Kelly Richey and “Sending Me Angels” and we’re certainly impressed. Produced by John Snyder on the Sweet Lucy Record label, this amazing vocalist/guitarist, displays the very best in blues/rock, perfect for our Album Mix format.”

New Music Weekly

“...The Kelly Richey Band's reputation is built on its explosive live performances and seeing is believing...Not many women, or men, can rock the blues with Richey's intensity and authority.”

Arkansas Night Flying

"Such adventurous extrapolations are exactly what's required if the blues genre is going to have anything new to say in the next century."

LA Weekly

“...Imagine a cross between Ruth Brown and Bonnie Raitt and you’ve just begun to get the picture. ”

Cincinnati, City Beat

"...( Kelly Richey ) is one remarkable blues guitar player. There are actually some very interesting similarities between Kelly Richey and Walter Trout - - both in style of playing, fretboard prowess, certain mannerisms and sheer intensity of emotion in their playing."

Minneapolis, Blues On Stage