Kelly Moneymaker / Press

“EXCERPT: "...it’s the rare artist that comes along who was truly born to sing. Theirs is the voice that captivates from the first note to the last and, whether they’re singing from the Great American Songbook or the Los Angeles Metro Yellow Pages, listeners are drawn in, enraptured and unable to turn away. Fairbanks, Alaska native Kelly Moneymaker is one of those rare individuals. Kelly Moneymaker may be the best artist you’ve never heard and that’s not an overstatement. Gifted with a voice that is simply stunning and surrounded by a recording band that’s as strong as any out there, Moneymaker makes full use of each and every element on Race Against the Sky, crafting one of the tightest blues rock records heard in a long, long time. Don’t walk, but run to your nearest record store and grab this record now. You won’t be sorry…" 4.5 Stars out of 5”

“EXCERPT: "...Kelly Moneymaker–all I can say is WOW, say it backwards–WOW!! I was not expecting this amount of POW from the petite singer/songwriter. This was pure unapologetic soul, R&B, blues, and some southern rock’n roll...and Moneymaker proudly hails from Alaska! The set she performed is from her newly released CD, Race Against the Sky. She opened with “Swampy Things” & sounded like Bonnie Raitt right out of the bayou to the self-titled "Race Against the Sky" ballad which brought the crowd to their feet...Holy crap she can bring it! The show was a graduate-level workshop on powerful rock & roll vocals. Her unique raspy wailing came full force in most all of her tunes. I swear she was channeling Joplin or Raitt on occasion, but Moneymaker has her own definitive sound, including her own distinctive growl. I look forward to the day when I review another artist and report "She has a voice like Kelly Moneymaker!" 4.75 Stars out of 5”