Kelly McFarling / Press

“McFarling stands out in particular, with her understated dynamics and endlessly agile vocals. Surprisingly deep-voiced for an opera singer — even a reformed opera singer — she sings with an almost world-weary quality that belies her 27 years. That sophistication is reflected in her lyrics, too.”

“Kelly McFarling plucks her banjo and sings sweet songs that taste like a chocolate milkshake. Instead of a cherry there are two Ritalin floating on a bed of whipped cream that will transport you to a lake of sound, even if a jack hammer is cracking the cement outside your bedroom window. She grew up in Atlanta, and has landed in San Francisco to give us a little twang from her banjo and a lot of beauty from her vocal chords. ”

“Kelly McFarling, Distractible Child. This surprising debut could have easily been the work of a much more established singer-songwriter. Kelly McFarling keeps her band spare — banjo, finger-picked guitar, upright bass, maybe a shaker or two. That way you get to hear the woodenness of the bass against the warm, drawly tones of McFarling's voice. The low bass thrum at the beginning of opener "Atlanta" seems like an apt introduction. (self)”