Kelly Carvin / Press

“She’s good. Very good. And not in a “Oh, look, Charlie, she’s from Hamilton, let’s support the nice girl in her little music thing” -- but in a “Charlie! We’ve got ourselves a rock ‘n’ roll superstar right here in Hamilton!””

"Kelly takes command of every stage she steps upon with a sly smile; which at times borders on an 'I’ve got you all right where I want you' smirk. The music that she writes is based on her personal experiences, comes from her inner most emotions, and is guaranteed to grab a hold of you, or at least some part of your psyche."

"Carvin's enthusiasm and belief in what she is doing is not only refreshing but infectious.. naturally drawing people to her music and getting them to think about who she is and what she writes about.. she’s got a plan and she intends to follow it all the way to its conclusion... Echoing the same sentiments used in the early 60's.. Carvin belts this message out with conviction and style. Her musical approach is simplistic and pristine...creating the focus on her dusky and soulful voice.. Songs like "Keep On", with it's funky Zeppelin feel, rolls on sweetly to "Revolution". a shuffled Sheryl Crow styled tune. The minor keyed lilt of "This Cloud", .. is a beautiful song that showcases her talent for emoting dynamic, rising and falling back softly to the diminished ending... I feel that with the right producer and 10 more songs, she could be unstoppable.."

John Pfeiffer - The Aquarian - Shore World

“Kelly Carvin, 21, of Yardville, won the $250 second prize in the "Freehold Idol" competition. Carvin, a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, performed her original composition "The Fire Song." ”

" Vanessa Brown Rogers, a special guest judge who is coordinating producer for the Apollo Theater's Amateur Night, likened Carvin's performance of her original song "Keep On" to a combination of Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell and Joss Stone. "

“Nominated Best Female Acoustic act”