Kellin Watson / Press

"Her uncommonly strong voice and stage passion blends beautifully with the elements of funk, soul, blues, and jazz in her songwriting style. If Norah Jones had been born to Aretha Franklin and been raised on the music of Adele, she might sound a little like Kellin.”

"Jazzy soul and swinging pop comparable to Fiona Apple or a less folksy Ani DiFranco, Watson has an endearing stage demeanor and a killer voice, not to mention soulful songs that don't fit in any particular box.

Courtney Devores - The Charlotte Observer

“Her husky voice flows up and down the staff, accompanied by catchy beats, and the result sounds quite eclectic.”

"Halo of Blue stands like a tree on a mountainside, its roots firmly planted in Appalachian influence while its branches reach out to elements of blues, pop, and folk. The variation within Watson’s work highlights her multifarious talents while remaining consistent and approachable." 

“Her latest, No Static, takes everything that is good about the rootsy alt-country tunes of her native Western North Carolina and puts a refreshing soul/funk spin on it. Think Fiona Apple goes country-folk — with a little bit of a techno spin throw in.”

"I had a long interview with the delightful Kellin Watson before the show, and on stage she was shockingly good. Not the singer you might imagine from Asheville central casting, she took on the soul chanteuse role with force and tone. "

“Kellin Watson’s third release, “No Static,” is a soulful offering featuring Watson’s jazzy vocals and showcasing her fluid songwriting.”

"There's such beauty and intelligence in her work that you rarely find from someone that young. She's the type of artist that in twenty years people will be talking about in the same way they talk about the Bob Dylans and the Joni Mitchells now."

“Kellin is a singing beauty, with an amazing voice. There is nothing fake or contrived about her when she performs, she's just really, really talented, and sings with soul. I love everything about her...”

“A great new artist to keep an ear out for”

David Dye - NPR

“Paper Bird is a startingly original song with wonderful imagery and melody”

Judges - The Great American Song Contest