Kellie Coffey / Press

“From the first song to the last, they are all truly unique. Every song sounded like it came straight from her heart, which made the album that much more enjoyable…. one of the best albums that has came out this year.”

Scott Sexton - About.com

“Her soulful vocals mixed with her lyrics of strength and southern charm makes 'Walk On' a joyful listen.”

Editors - TuneCore

“She has fearlessly penned her emotions, happy or heartbreak, and given us an amazing CD. Oklahoma born Kellie Coffey is definitely making country music turn it’s ear and listen.”

Cheryl Breo - That’s Country

“Kellie Coffey once again graces us with her amazing musical skills. She shows us everything she's got and more. Her voice stunned us track to track, and the fact that she writes her own music really shocked us even further...we look forward to hearing much more of her in the future. -”

Quentin Foster - Roots Music Report