Kellie-Anne / Press

“Kellie-Anne en 13 questions!”

"Ses chansons offrent toutes une vibration, une envie d’en entendre plus. Très beau talent à découvrir"

"My Own Solution not only invokes a message of hope, but also encourages the audience not to be afraid of opening up and getting help."

“Kellie-Anne supported by the ALS Association”

“''If faut dire qu'a 17 ans, presenter une chanson d'une telle intensité et qui traite de la santé mentale, ca prend une grande maturité émotionnelle''”

“As soon as Legacy gets into steady rotation, I think her songwriting skills will start to receive the praise it has long-deserved.”

“There's something especially enrapturing about what she's accomplished here”

“Kellie-Anne has packed a lot into her 17 years!”

“Seventeen year-old singer and songwriter Kellie-Anne's music is poignant is wise and beyond her years.”

“Pop Dust sat down with the artist to discover how someone so young has achieved so much in such a short time”

“If there’s anyone who can be looked at as inspiration for making your dreams come true, it’s Kellie-Anne- and things are sure to only go up from here!”

“I was surprised to read you were just 15-years-old because your voice sounds so much more mature.”

“The uptempo electro track is about empowering people to stand up for themselves against bullies and to believe in themselves.”

“Great feature from Musicmoney PR”

“Thank you to the Stage.com for featuring me!”

“Grateful to the Indie Artists Magazine and voters for rewarding me Vocalist of the Year 2017”

“Amazing recognition!”