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“Song Inspires Book: Story of ‘Warrior Queen’ Moves Kellianna from Singing to Writing”

“...as always Kellianna brings us incredible, spiritually fulfilling musical tracks...Kellianna is truly one of the greatest musical gifts to pagans who follow an earth centered tradition. While her music can be listened to at any time, she has...many songs perfect for the sabbats...With another CD coming out in September, Kellianna has been one very busy artist to be able to bring us this 2012 CD and then a follow up album just a year later.”

“Music is a huge part of my life. As a music reviewer, I am listening day in and day out, when I am not working on my book, at work or sleeping. Music, like the written word, is the air that I breathe, and breathing in Kellianna is a treat to be had. The Ancient Ones is a blend of Celtic and Native American mythologies. When I received this album, I was delighted. Kellianna's previous albums have all been a treat, working within the structures of Celtic mythology, chanting and spirit strengthening vocals and rhythms. With the opening track of “Thank You Mother” taking off with acoustic guitar flair and wind instruments to blend with Kelliana’s hypnotic vocals, I knew this album was going to be just as inspiring as some of her past works. The harmonies are done well, and the flow of the music rolls over you, taking you into the realm of the Goddess”

“Kellianna is without a doubt a rising star in the genre of Pagan music. With songs of both a devotional and ritualistic nature, her many albums evoke a genuine sense of longing for the Old World of Paganism's origins. This feeling was in great supply at her show this past Sunday at Sticks & Stones in Fairfax. Having been a personal fan of Kellianna for years, I was already expecting a great show. What I was not expecting was to hear not only a musician, but a light-hearted and highly entertaining performer who wooed the crowed with both song and story. Many of her songs were prefaced with a fascinating backstory. Whether it was about her adventures at the Glastonbury Tor in England or Serpent Mound in Ohio, you really got a good sense of where this music originated from. It is the music of what one experiences while surrounded by true spiritual epiphany and wholeness. The energy conveyed through these songs was palpable, moving many to tears. ”

“Right from the get-go Elemental starts off beautifully and Direction Song is the perfect accoutrement to any ceremony or any undertaking you're ready to start. The album continues on in unsurpassed beauty as Kellianna's voice, angelic and heartwarming, blends in flawlessly with the primeval drums and haunting echoes of the fae softly ringing in the background. She honours Pele, Brighid, Gaia and even the Horned God. She takes you on a journey to Stonehenge, through the four elements and into a magickal circle.”

“I think the beautiful artwork and Kellianna’s name are enough to sell this album, but if you’ve never heard of Kellianna you’re in for a treat! Kellianna is a beautiful and sweet woman who also happens to be a talented Pagan singer, songwriter, and musician. Elemental is Kellianna’s first full chant album.”

“The much anticipated new CD from Kellianna is out and sure to be a huge hit in the Pagan community”

“f we had an award to give out for "Best Ever Truly Pagan CD", I Walk with the Goddess would be the winner hands down. ”

"...blessed with an earful of her soulful music...alternately soars and throbs, inspires and soothes."