Kelley McRae / Press

"Kelley moves effortlessly from the mournful tones of the plantation to the celebratory swing of the saloon, from songs of loss and decay to hymns of love and grace."

Steve Turner - PASTE Magazine 4 STAR Review

"The real magic happens in front of the mic when McRae’s sweet, seemingly wood-smoked larynx, pitched somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Michelle Shocked, is allowed to take flight and soar on the handful of stripped-down numbers..."

Alan Brown - Pop Matters

“In an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle, acclaimed German filmmaker Wim Wenders was asked about life, film and music. This is what he had to say about Kelley McRae: Q: When was the last time a work of art (music, film, painting, etc.) made you cry? A: The last songs that made me cry were by a young New York singer, Kelley McRae.”

“With all these indie bands buzzing up and disappearing at alarming rates, it’s nice to see a mellow musician who will always be present due to her undeniable talent. McRae is one of those artists that would still be playing music even if there wasn’t an industry…music seems part of her and we’re all fortunate that she shares her gift. Take a few minutes and listen to her music, give it one or two songs and you’ll be won over.”