Keize / Press

“Sodiem Spotlight Artist”

“Keize is well on his way to the top with the momentum he's been gaining from all the work he has been putting out recently.”

“An article about Phoenix rapper Keize Montoya in the July edition of XPOZ Magazine highlighted the music career of an artist...”

“If that number is true, that means Montoya's entire hometown, and then some, caught his last music video on Youtube”

"All hard work brings profit, but mere talk only leads to poverty."

"Mad At 'Cha" by Keize earns placement in FOOTLOCKER nationwide...

FootLocker - "Mad At 'Cha" earns placement in FOOTLOCKER nationwide...

“Local music producer and hip-hop recording artist Keize Montoya happens to have a song to fulfill that need with his track, "Mad At 'Cha." The song has a bouncy beat, catchy hook and best of all, a music video full of scantily-clad dames participating in a friendly game of powder-puff football. ”

“The name Keize is a derivative of the words keys and seize (As in seize the moment). Keize acquired his name by being locally known as a keyboard player.”

"The single is a combination of his singing and rapping skills and it shows his creativity not only as a lyricist but as a producer as well. After buying this single off of iTunes for only $0.99 I quickly fell in love with the catchy tune. I would highly recommend this artist to any one!"

“Keize, a gifted artist from the small town of Clovis, New Mexico, recently gave us the opportunity to peek into his career. Keize brings originality to his work as he frames his songs with his own persona. Our interview with Keize reveals his strong passion for music and his commitment to success.”

"This kid is making all the right moves and his talent never gets boring. I’m impressed and well entertained. I’m hard on singers and rappers a like but Keize seems to have an uncanny knack for creating commercial hits without going to bubble gum."

"Keize On the Rise - Receiving Nation Wide support MMZ"

“Main Girl by Keize gets placement on www.yoraps.com and Yo Raps Magazine.”

"Keize (singer/rapper); may just be one of the most versatile hip-hop artists of this generation."

“Keize Montoya began playing music at age 11 and played keyboard for a Tejano band at 16.”

“Gutta World recently got to know Keize: keyboard player, writer, singer, rapper, mixer, and producer out of Phoenix. Find out how he slowly, but surely is breaking into the music industry and not letting anyone get in his way.”

“Now, after working with several noted hip-hop and R&B artists on different projects, Montoya is looking for a place to market himself.”