Keith Morris / Press

“THE MUSIC IS DIVINE ♥ I LOVE IT !! Very soothing … Thank you sooooooo much for sharing!”

““My dear friend Keith! Today I enjoy so much your really special music! Thanks from my heart! I’m honored to be a friend with so beautiful soul! Your voice is like Bob Marley, it’s amazing!!!”

““I LOVE your song An Ending Day. It stays with me and calls me back…Keith your playing is wonderful.””

“” ‘An Azure Kingdom’ actually ROCKS!!!! FANTASTIC!!!! I’m serious!!!!” “Gotta say also, ‘The Mists of My Dreams’ is great. Sounds like a perfect concept song!!!! YES!!!! :D””

““Love the music my friend, Its very different … its filled with love and it comes from the heart…and your voice is so full of soul…Brought me to a zone where i felt that was sitting with my friends deep within a jungle, around a beautiful bonfire and just simply enjoying the sound of your music under a starry sky.”