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“Keith Moody's Dreaming Out Loud gets a 5 out of 5.Soulful rock mixed with a little blues feeling, up-and-coming artist Keith Moody's album Dreaming Out Loud is worth a listen. Born and raised in Alabama, though now a current resident of the infamous Nashville, Tennessee, his southern raising plays a definite and major role in the development of his music. Influences stemming from various artists including (but not limited to) Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Counting Crows, and The Dave Matthews Band. With some favored ones being Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hootie and The Blowfish, and many more he creates a successful blend with personal flare anyone can relate to.”


“Whether it's his guitar shreds or lyrical work, we're captivated by Keith Moody! Now we're sharing his work with the readers of Found Magazine! Check it out in the Coast To Coast column.”

“Keith Moody’s Dreaming Out Loud is an album of another era, colection of soaring rock with terrific hooks and strong melodies. If Moody were 65, you’d call it classic rock, but this is a young man who learned from the masters. The most obvious influence is Tom Petty, but that takes the form of inspiration, not mimicry. There’s a hint of Gin Blossoms and maybe even the Spin Doctors, but it has a fresh sound throughout. Favorite tracks: “Long Way Up,” “Up” (he’s clearly fond of that direction) and “I Don’t Know Who the Bad Guys are Anymore.” ”

Sun109 - The Americana Music Journal

“Keith has an irresistible sound. He has just enough pop not to alienate those who aren’t completely into rock, just enough rock in his layers of guitars to be respected as a musician, and just enough country with his intriguing stories to make everyone in Nashville love him. Put your windows down and go for a drive or play it for friends; no matter what you’re doing while listening, Keith’s music will put you in a better mood than you were before you listened. His lyrics are as uplifting as his melodies. ... But, really, this album is chock full of similar songs echoing perseverance and integrity, and every one of them is as radio ready as the first single, if not more so. Positive perspective make the lyrics shine, weaving a common thread of not just uplifting and fun music to listen to, but songs that can be taken to heart and learned from as well. ...... ”

“Keith Moody is a talent above the rest. His latest release, “Dreaming Out Loud” is one of the coolest CD’s I have heard in a long time. Moody takes the best of several genres and mesh them together creating a sound of perfection. He is an amazing writer, can tear up a guitar and has chops that are smooth and easy on the ears. The entire CD is fun music with deep meaningful underlining messages. The song, “Up” forces you to dance uncontrollably. I challenge you to listen to it and remain seated. I was singing along after one listen. He has hooky lyrics driven by strong addicting melodies. .......As a lyricist myself, I will be studying his work for a long time to come. It seems a little unfair for one person to ooze so much talent. Yes, I’m totally jealous! I could go on and on about the quality of each song, the level of production and the solid foundation in which the music came from; but the bottom line is, you have to hear it for yourself.”

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KEITH MOODY SET TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM DREAMING OUT LOUD December 16th, 2011 - Nashville TN, alt/country rocker Keith Moody is gearing up for the release of his new album Dreaming Out Loud on February 14th. The first single “One Big Ending” will be released one month prior on January 10th. Dreaming Out Loud was produced by Jason Elgin (Collective Soul, Terrible Things) and was recorded at Synchromesh Studios in Birmingham, AL. Dreaming Out Loud contains seven new songs as well as remastered songs from Lines. Track listing: 1. Long Way Up 2. Lay It Down Easy 3. Do It Over Again 4. New Distraction 5. Up 6. One Big Ending 7. Next in Line 8. Red Line 9. Already Home 10. I Don't Know (Who the Bad Guys Are Anymore) 11. Plastic Hearts For more information, check out the Keith Moody website: www.keithmoody.com *KEITH MOODY IS AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS! Contact:Doug Weber New Ocean Media 1-800-871-5814 doug@newoceanmedia.com ”

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“....you wouldn’t immediately think of them as an indie band - they sound like they’re at least ready for major exposure, even if it’s not with the aid of a big label...”

“he chooses to show off his rock influenced country sounds and begs to be compared to Tom Petty.”

“Keith played to the crowd and tore up his guitar like he was born with it...”

Darren Simmons - Montgomery Advertiser

“the image of a dynamic singer-songwriter who will be able to entertain and put on a good show. ”

Tyler Deierhoi - Crimson White

“sounds like Waylon meets Coldplay jamming with Tom Petty and the Heartsbreakers!”

Robyn Bradley Litchfield - Montgomery Advertiser

“Keith Moody is an independent machine; proving unsigned acts can compete in today’s Country music market. Keith has the right idea, and hopefully will continue to keep producing more music in the future.”

“THIS is a sound that is desperately needed out there!”