Keith Masters / Press

“Very First Time is quickly becoming the perfect summer jam [and] shows off the style, confidence and youthful exuberance that defines his music.”


“There are only a few artists that I can handle when it comes to that Elctro/EDM/Trap sound as I'm not the biggest fan of the genre. With "Atlantis 1997", I'd definitely put Keith Masters in that group. The fusion between electronic and hip hop works well here as Masters nails it, 100%. This track just proves that this young and talented kid can really do anything and is someone to really pay close attention to as he moves forward.”

“For years I've felt Keith does not get the attention that he deserves. He has been churning out some of the best electronic and hip hop beats in the city for years. This album is one of his more inventive projects and is a solid listen.”

“The smooth sounds of Keith Masters are back today with something new for our listening enjoyment. If you haven’t gotten familiar with this talented young man, then you are missing out on something refreshing and creative...”

“Progressive rapper and frequent envelope pusher, Keith Masters, released yet another track that is seemingly ahead of the curve on where the intersection of hip-hop and electronic music is heading.”

“...a more top-40 pop sounding collaboration with vocalist Sarah Leichtenberg [and] if you’re one of those listeners that gets a little leery around the word “pop”, fear not. Masters style and sound choice is easily digestible even for those of you that cringe at the mention of KISSFM.”

“...Keith’s music in general, is a strange beast. It’s genre destroying...there’s a lot of ways you could describe Keith’s style, SynthWave, Nu-Disco, Hip Hop. And it works, it works so well...littered with pop cultural references, hipster commentary and geek Easter eggs alongside the expected raps, all delivered with a laid back flow that suits the music in an unexpectedly perfect way.”

“Keith Masters has mastered, pun intended, (sorry) – pushing the boundaries of the hip hop genre to where it is and should be going.”

“...we get to hear Keith Masters throw down on this track (his flow is so fast and yet so smooth). Overall I would give this Remixtape a 4.5 out of 5; it’s a lot of fun and worthwhile for the repeated listening experience.”

“He hits the track running and gives us insight into what the good life is all about over top of the addictive, smooth beat. Man, this shit is too dope to ignore...”

“The last time we posted a tune from Masters it went number 1 on the HypeM twitter charts...needless to say, the guys got talent.”

The Get Downnn

“Here's a great song title "Gary Busey (Life Good)," by rapper Keith Masters. The song is more than a great title, though. Keith brings a smooth confidence and low-key humor to lay down his rhymes, and a positive message emerges. It's really solid, a cool mixture of hip-hop and electronic/dance.”

“Well if this tune doesn't turn out to be a hit than we dunno anymore... Brilliant new solo single by the one and only Keith Masters, dancing somewhere along the lines of Kid Cudi and Kanye West.”


“Desoto has this fun unique sound. It’s upbeat enough that I would welcome it into the club plus he references one of the best dunkers in the NBA, Blake Griffin, so I can’t hate on this track.”

“He successfully inserts pop culture references...giving all the suburban white kids something to rap back to their friends..”

“Keith Masters...a great hip-hop/club MC who is on the cusp of blowing up...”

“Keith Masters is willing to take risks both lyrically and with the samples he uses. The lyrics are both intelligent and catchy.”