Keith Kenny / Press

“If the audience at a Keith Kenny show were to close their eyes for the performance, they would swear that there was a full band on stage.”

Jessica Smith - Cranbury Press

“With an influential voice that lies somewhere between Neil Young and Ben Bridwell, Kenny delivers clear and concise visions of dynamic musical deliverance. Combining a deep dive into tone, originality and believability, he ushers the listener into his brand new living room of roots riddled rock and roll.”

John Pfieffer - The Aquarian Weekly

“Keith can play in a variety of genres but whatever you call it, make sure you call it original. His confidence and warmth flows from his soul through his guitar.”

Phil Rainone - Jersey Beat

"Keith Kenny picks away like a post millennium Stevie Ray Vaughan with incendiary results"

Chris Jordan - The Home News / Asbury Park Press

“This is great musicianship at its finest—combining a warm blues rock tone with some hard rock roots. If I was a scout for a music company or label this is who I would sign.”

Leigh Silbernagel - Princeton Record Exchange