Keith Horn / Press

“Keith Horn joins a very short list of multi-talented musicians who do a great job all around the band, whether programming drums, playing guitar, bass, piano, vibes, or singing. What makes this more impressive than a starving artist in a Brooklyn apartment cranking out programmed indie rock is that Rock Scissors is that Horn delivers music that blurs the lines between Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, and Prince. He’s not just merely acceptable in each area — he’s a seriously accomplished player no matter where you stick him in the band. The songs are very catchy, lyrics are sharp, harmonies are great, and he manages to ride a fine line between jazz fusion, progressive rock, and ‘70s funk. If you love rock and pop music engineered for a thinking mind, this is killer stuff to check out. Serious musicians, prepare to be really impressed. Or humbled.”

Scott Kahn - Musicplayers.com