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From the heart of the city and the soul of a entertainer, exploding like a burst of fresh air on the stale hip-hop scene comes Keith From Up Da Block.

Rapper. Singer. Comedian. Dancer. Host. Actor. Keith has the gift of many talents, but his supreme calling is now clear. Someone is urgently needed
to make hip-hop fun again! And Keith From Up Da Block is ready for the challenge.

Raised in Philadelphia and schooled at the famed High School Of Creative and Performing Arts (where Boyz II Men was formed), Keith was a student of hip-hop from the very start. In 1996 Keith became Host and Creative Director of “Urban X-pressions”-- a music video program aired in Philly on TV 35 WYBE. Keith calls it “B E T for brothers that don’t have cable.”

On “Urban X-pressions,” Keith’s talents as hilarious host and funnyman quickly caught on among the many ‘hoods of Philly. Keith interviewed 50 Cent, Jay Z, Beyonce, Beanie Seagel, Music Soulchild, The Roots, Isaac Hays, Violette Wallace, LL and many more. More often than not, he made these big stars crack up, and the laughter was infectious.

To keep his show going, Keith started producing television commercials, directed by and starring himself. The spots took on a life and humor of their own. TV ads for car dealers and nightclubs never had so much low-budget flair or street-wise humor. A comedic star was being born.

Then, a new ad campaign called for Keith to record a full music video, and his potential as an entertainer was realized. Keith recorded a parody of the Kelis hit “Milkshake” and called it “Cheesesteak” to promote Larry’s Steaks on 54th and City Line in Philly. The video became one of the most-requested on “Urban X-pressions” and Keith saw a new direction for his talents. He has since produced several more “Cheesesteak” songs and videos.

Keith began writing and recording song parodies of popular hip-hop and R’n‘B hits, releasing them on mix-CDs that he distributed himself throughout Philly. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Weird Al Yankovic, Keith injects a street edge that parody music has never seen. Keith not only writes hilarious lyrics, he sings and raps so well, the songs feel original and fresh.

The CDs were a street hit, and Keith began performing in comedy clubs and other venues around Philly. To keep his dance steps on point, the chubby sensation joined the Broad Street Beefcakes, a troupe of overweight dancers that entertain the crowd at 76ers games during half-time with their amazing moves.

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Keith continues to perform frequently and develop his craft. At one of his shows in downtown Philly in 2007, Keith met hip-hop entrepreneur Jonathan Shecter (aka Shecky Green) president of Game Recordings, an innovative hip-hop entertainment company. The two shared a common feeling for the music. Soon after, Keith was signed to Game and Shecky committed to making sure the world laughed along with Keith.

“I’ve been a hip-hop fan since 1980, and there’s never been anyone like Keith,” Shecky says. “His humor and his writing is so real, it’s the breath of fresh air that hip-hop really needs. Yes, he’s a clown, but he’s also a real performer.”

Says Keith. “Even though peeps will compare me to Weird Al, I wanna distinguish myself from him by offering more music and more ways to be entertained from the start. I can make music all the time. Of course I'm gonna do as much as I can creatively. I have never felt more prepared for anything in my life.”

Keep a ear out for Keith’s brilliantly funny song parodies, keep an eye out for his hilarious music videos, and keep checkin’ for his upcoming albums. For the latest music, video and info on Keith, visit the following websites:

www.KeithFromUpDaBlock.com –Keith’s official website

http://youtube.com/profile?user=keithfromupdablock –Keith’s You Tube channel

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