“British singer-songwriter Keith Fellows is a bit of a musical chameleon, switching effortlessly from sensitive balladry to straight-ahead pop to country to jazzy, Broadway-styled show stoppers at the drop of a quarter note. Central to his bag of tricks is his soulful commitment to his songs, keenly observed and sensitively sung nuggets chronicling the human condition. Spread across four collections, songs such as "A Song to Call Your Own," "Thank You and Goodbye," and "What Tomorrow May Bring" (from The Mandelbrot Set); and "Everybody Knew," "I Wonder Why," and "Goodbye Young Love" (from Exempli Gratia) juggle subtle shades of darkness and light. On The Demos, "The Girl on Page Three," "I Am a Soldier," and the straight-ahead pop of "Better Late Than Never" further showase the artist's facility with varying genres. Fellows continues his work on his latest release -, The Last Laugh.Fellows deftly matches his material with just the right, emotive delivery. - Alan Haber's Pure Pop .”

“Great Macca-y vibe. Loving Forget Her Out My Head. Real talent you got I tell you :) Posted by Paris Donnatella”


“Dissonant Echoes: loving your blend of styles, great tracks with great imagination!! ”

Reverbnation comment

“Ant Henson: Absolutely loving Motel Rendezvous, lyrics invoke memories of Warren Zevon - great song :) ”


“'Super chord progressions, witty lyrics with catchy melodies---your just jaw-dropping good' ”

JackKetch - ACIDplanet.com

“.Just got results from 2010 UK songwriting contest.I am a Finalist and 2 times semifinalist."Tongue Tied Again" was the Finalist and "The Girl On Page" & "Don't Want me Back" the Semifinalist's”


“Comment on "Tongue Tied Again"..... " Keith- you are a pop music genius!! " ”

77jackwhitedragon77 - Youtube

“I found Keith on Youtube and fell for his music style....I've always wanted to make a video with the spirit & humor of a musical & then along came Keith,a very talented musician from UK. He had the music I was looking for.... support us by commenting,rating & sharing. Check link for more!”

“love page 3 girl by the way, a modern work of art lol. ”

BInd Media Publications - MySpace

“Comment on "The Girl On Page Three"..... Very good song. Well written and performed. Great presentation. Thanks for posting. 5 *s!”

TunesNorth - Youtube

“Comment on Video "Tongue Tied Again"....... This is a really great song!! Just a lovely happy song that you want to sing along to! Great lyrics and a brilliant video too,simply love it x x”

WAVE119119 - Youtube

“Well you're writing great songs Keith ~ I particuarly like When The Fire's Growing Cold! ”

Andrew Austin - MySpace

“Comment On Video "A Merry Dance"...... another great original song with a brilliant and amusing video! Do you record and produce these yourself? They're really well put together. Can't wait for the next one! :-) ”

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