Keith Rea / Press

“When I ran into Keith Rea at the Mucky Duck on a recent trip to Houston, I was immediately intrigued with his new CD just from the title, “North Bound Train”. As I have a song called “South Bound Train” I was interested on his take on the rails going in the opposite direction. I recently have shared the dreamy “Paradise Shoes” with my listeners. Other highlights, for me, include the title track, “North Bound Train”, the jazzy “Honeysuckle Wine” the Celtic flavored “Dunkeld” and “Don’t Blame Me”. The album is solid throughout. The CD was recorded with care at Jack Saunders’ White Cat Studio, THE place to go in Houston to capture folk and Americana songs. First rate backup includes Ken Gaines, Matt Harlan, Lloyd Maines, Leslie Krafka, Connie Mims, TC Smythe and Jack Saunders. So take a ride on the “North Bound Train”. You’ll stop at some interesting destinations. ”

“With a sound that hovers somewhere between folksy observational story-telling, an old-fashioned country vibe and West Coast singer-songwriter fare, it's probably best to file him directly in the `Texas Troubadour' box and leave it at that. Of course, that puts him in the company of songwriting greats such as Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Eric Taylor, so I'm sure he won't mind. ”