Keenan Casanova / Press

““so there are hooks going on here that drive the song. vocals and styling are effective to the minimal percussion and arrangement. the verses are okay - lyrics are a tad trite but are perfect for the style. chorus is effective and the lyrics are easy to sing along with to get the crowds dancing along. This song is a perfect example of varied stylings coming togehter. Sounds like a Neptunes production of a Fabolous track featuring Justin Timberlake.”— Review of "Dance With Me"”

Divaid of Garageband

““Keenan flaunts plenty of style and even more promise. Keenan scales his delivery to create a sense of being just a hair behind the beat; the tension between these elements, along with a careful placement of double-tracked raps, gives the song a distinctive, restless tension. His laconic articulation disappoints just a bit, but apparently it's Keenan's intention to treat his voice as a rhythm element rather than as a source of dramatic expression. With more animation in his phrasing, he could have turned this three-bagger into a home run; expect fireworks next time he comes! ”— Robert L. Doerschuk”