keem.thefranchize / Press

“He was followed by Keem the Franchize, who wore his heart on his shirt; it read, "Cancer Survivor." Without getting into the gory details, he kicked off his set by telling us he'd been in a three-year battle and was happy to be alive and performing for us. Then he proved it with a solid, upbeat set. Bonus points for doing his first two songs while wearing a dope-ass backpack shaped like an NES controller.”

“Rapper KeeM The FranchiZe (Detroit, MI native | Houston, TX resident) and Producer D. DoRohnGough (Detroit,MI) join forces to present to you:Channel 1. This free album is Hip Hop like you’ve never seen before. The concept is simple: Taking TV shows, both past and present, and creating a Hip Hop master piece. Hip Hop’s newest phenom KeeM The FranchiZe along with new highly acclaimed producer D. DoRohn Gough, has created a superior album laced with dope tracks and lyrical content that’s unparalleled! This combination of TV shows, production, and rhymes is a force to be reckoned with. ”