Keeley McCue / Press

"In the meantime, I will draw from my daily life experiences and interactions with other talented artists, to evolve personally and professionally. For as I see it, success is more of a collaborative effort than a personal pilgrimage – we are all striving towards something great, made better by some solidarity along the way!" - Keeley McCue '11

Christina Forlenza - Unison: One Group, Many Voices - Manhattanville College Music Department

"The best, and really only, advice I feel qualified to give at this point in my career is to root your artistic endeavors in relationships new and old – for they are the real ‘secret to success’. A network of supportive, inspiring, talented, creative, and positive individuals provides the sustenance necessary for such a career – so let them guide you. Too often this industry in particular can be callused and cold, with performers growing lonely and lost in the competition of it all. Yet music and art is meant to share, to bring change, to heal hearts – so form a collective with whom you can do just that, until you reach all the world’s stage!" - Keeley McCue '11

Christine Dzirko - Unison: One Group, Many Voices - Manhattanville College Music Department

“Since graduating from Manhattanville College, Keeley McCue '11 has been actively pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter, actor, and photographer, and has garnered considerable success in a short time.”