Keeley Filgo / Press

“Impressive folk release by a female vocalist from London. She has a soulful voice which gives the album a really moody feeling, more so than many other folk artists. Lyrics are often wistful, pensive and a little melancholy. One of the most mature and honest female folk releases I’ve heard for quite a while. ”

“If you enjoyed the debut EP of the London based singer and songwriter, Keeley Filgo, then you’re going to adore her debut full-length. Sleeping Side of the Sun takes all the jazzette vocals and strike-to-pick guitar chords of 2009‘s You Want Me to Write a Happy Song but with a touch more melancholy and a gullet full of ferocious vigour. Filgo offers a more mature canon compared to her already accomplished set list, with a sparse yet brilliantly balanced voice and guitar approach with little-to-no embellishment keeping this album pure yet striking. I cannot emphasise enough just how arresting Filgo’s voice can be on this album, her folkish yet soulful songs feel like hymns for your heart and odes to a wanderlust that you didn’t realise you had. ”

“She played a handful of original songs, all of which could be described as haunting. Her accomplished guitar pick-cum-pluck-cum-strum was percussive yet legato and her charming parts unknown accent added a richness to her strong yet soft jazz vocals. It was impressive. You Want Me To Write A Happy Song is four tracks of exceptional musicianship and song writing allure. The songs all have a generally sombre atmosphere in key and tone, but Keeley’s wonderful cracked jazz vocals add an element of soul and grinning optimism. ”

“She started with folk/blues in the groove of Lucinder Williams and Mary Gauthier and songs like Don’t Go To Sleep With Tears In Your Eyes but widened her horizons and vocal range on the Balkan inspired Dark is Dark. She has an interesting combination of material but the vocals and guitar make it work. I will go to see her again.”

“Keeley Filgo A charming, mezmerising voice complimented by a raw simple folk sound. I love the bluesy twist and the honest unassuming lyrics. ”