Keaton Collective / Press

“The forrmerly SoCal-based (now in Bellingham, WA) band, produces music at will, recording and releasing music once an idea as finished percolating. It has led to a string of official and internet only releases that is the new generation of Americana. Jones has the skill and voice to give Tom Petty a run for his money, but everyone just needs to wake up and pay attention. These guys are still the country's best unsigned band”

“Keaton Collective’s tenure as Bellingham’s folk-rock sweethearts has been marked by a progressive and community-based work ethic, leading to the band’s third and finest release to date. Time and Pressure is solid from start to finish, crossing genres and musical boundaries. It could touch the hearts of Hank Williams devotees and indie-rock lovers alike.”

“Seeing them play results in a sort of sensory intoxication and an immovable feeling to be in their presence. They have a great knack for layering different moods and flavors into their performances and obviously draw an appreciation from all the colors of the music genre spectrum. This could be blamed on their many band members; they play with up to ten people at a time so a melting pot of creative influences is bound to occur. Doling out some songs off their first LP The Wash as well as their newer, more country-inspired album El Segundo, the band gripped some audience members so much that they sang and danced along at the front of the stage. Songs they performed off El Segundo ran cleaner and more rootsy rock than their normal post-punk, alternative sound gives away. Songs off both albums, when executed live, create a mix rarely seen in a live setting and going back and forth between two musical styles creates a unique live experience that only Keaton Collective could deliver.”

“The songs on Tercera sometimes sound similar because the songs are unified by their tonality but that doesn’t render them boring, just clearly part of the same album. There are also small hints of country-rock in songs like “Far As We Can Tell” and “End of Times II,” which are welcomed since they give the album more dimensions. These songs are impressively executed and seem like they can only be enhanced through live performance. By the third album, many bands have established a vehicle for their music but this album sound like Keaton Collective have been together for decades.”

"It should be noted that all six members write songs, and with the exception of Adam (who simply rocks too hard to sing), everyone else sings vocals. With this variety of talent, the KC doesn’t just have one sound, in a word the music can be described as “diverse”since it ranges from rock ‘n’ roll to folk/country to dance music."

“They are an undeniably prolific bunch and with the number of videos, songs, and releases that are completed, planned, or in the works, it seems like they are going to be around for awhile. A quick count shows that the label has released almost nine albums. What you can find on the internet is Keaton Collective related projects from before 2009 including the band’s first EP, El Segundo, and a full-length, The Wash. El Segundo’s sound is half-embracing folk rock with supplemental Lynyrd Skynrd and mandolin while The Wash focuses on Fox and band member Adam Taniguchi’s musical past with disenchanted melodies, distorted guitar, and howls reminiscent of Waxwing-era Rocky Votolato.”