K Dubb The Truth / Press

“...with his presence in the music world, Things Will Never Be The Same.”

Antoinette Rogers - Leading Billionaire Minds

“He Is A Fantastic Actor, Well On His Way!”

Alyn Darnay - Director/Producer/Scriptwriter

“Finally An Artist With The Ability To Break Boundaries And Transform Hip Hop Music By Bringing A Long Overdue Dose Of Originality And Truth!”

Marisol - Fan

“K Dubb The Truth Is A Movement, There Is No Limit To How Far He Can Go!”

Tony C. Lesesne - Lesesne Media Group/In-Focus Magazine

“The First Time I Heard His Song "Unbreakable" It Brought Tears To My Eyes. He's Such A Passionate Artist!”

Arianna - Fan

“His Dedication And Passion In The Pursuit Of His Purpose Screams Out In His Music. He's Incredible!”

Julie - Fan

“K Dubb Is The Truth! I'm With You All The Way My Brother!”

Ben - Fan