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“Local crews roll up en masse, including talented misfits – and recent Chronicle Cookout highlights – Subkulture Patriots and the mighty LNS Crew. Swang and bang set the League of Extraordinary Gz appears in many iterations, including Green Room’s Tuk Da Gat, S. Dot, Eric Dingus, and Dowrong, and Lowkey as a solo act. Continuing the two and over theme, super vets Crew54 put in the “Labor.” Austin Mic Exchange host and Weird City founder Protextor, who just dropped new single “Austin,” maintains performance mode. Verbosity doubles down with a changed and forward-marching Scuare+, who’s flipped his sound considerably – to the positive. “Farah Flossitt” herself, KB the Boo Bonic, floats in on a new spaced-out single, “Stars Ain’t For Us,” featuring the Moon Guys. Perennial ATX favorites Doughbeezy and Fat Tony make the trip from Houston. Shows start 3pm Friday and at noon on Saturday. Two-day passes are $65 or $150 for VIP treatment. More at the Weird City Hi”

““I never want anyone to be like ‘Oh she’s good for a girl,’” the young rapper says. “I want them to be like ‘Damn. She’s a really good emcee!’” Over the last 10 years, KB the Boo Bonic has gained a nuanced insight into the Austin hip hop scene, watching it develop and flourish and finally begin to garner some of the attention it deserves. But she wasn’t just passively witnessing the changes; she was making them. Ever since tapping into her gift for putting words together in high school, the ‘femcee’ has been freestyling her way to the top. Her big break came when she met an inspiring producer and recorded her debut album at F.A.M. Studios in San Antonio. Just last month, she released her sophomore album Farrah Flossit — an album where she turned more to themes of female empowerment. But at the end of the day, her music is universal. “It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.” Her message is for people who are chasing their dreams, she says.”

“KB the Boo Bonic "FARRAH FLOSSITT" [Video of the Day] Texas lady rapper, KB the Boo Bonic is releasing her sophmore release, Farrah Flo$$itt EP and released the title track and accompanying video. The full album is available for pre-sale on iTunes now, and the title track is available for immediate download. The album releases the day after Valentine’s Day but the title single is available now. Check it out!”

“The video for KB the Boo Bonic’s “Farah Flossitt” premiered several months ago, but since the album of the same name just came out a few days ago, it seemed appropriate to give it some love now, particularly since we missed it the first time around. A vibrant travelogue that has KB the Boo Bonic strolling around doing her thing, the clip for “Farah Flossitt” looks like something Action Bronson might unveil, which is fine by me since too many ATX hip hop videos are about as vivid as a documentary series on pavement. Unapologetically flashy and bold, KB the Boo Bonic stands out from the pack sonically and visually and I’m hoping her new album will soon yield more videos like this. Oh, look at that, wish granted.”

“Iggy Azalea has probably fucked up the chances of any white girls getting a decent reception in hip hop anytime soon, but ATX vet KB the Boo Bonic deserves a second look regardless of your thoughts on that clueless Aussie. Over a Charlie’s Angels theme sample beat courtesy of the Moon Boys’ Dirty Rich, KB attacks the notion of the female rapper as strictly eye candy, instead preferring to view it as the baddest of bad assery, the kind of scene dominance that requires a brutal amount of multitasking as KB and her peers are asked to play harder and better than the boys and still look good while doing so. KB of course got her break via a DJ Rapid Ric mix, which you may remember the Chronicle saying earlier this month was like a badge of honor for any ATX hip hop act with any national aspirations. “Farah Flossitt” posits KB as Austin’s response to Baltimore Philadelphia queen bee Amanda Blank (who you all seriously need to wake up to– Iggy is the white hop hop maven you chose o”

"We believe the talent is here, it just lacks the support network," she says. "We think the festival can become a good tool for that network." That network truly needs it. Enough talented ATX rappers still feel ignored, and the dearth of women across the landscape remains even more disheartening. Save perhaps Anya, KB the Boo Bonic, Cha'keeta B, Staci Russell, Magna Carda's Megz Kelli, and Riders Against the Storm's Tiger Lily, local femcees have been met with steady roadblocks.

“Hip-hop protocol pairs two individuals (and their posses) in a studio: the rapper and the producer. They go to work, a record gets made. Typically, it’s the MC you see performing, getting his or her face on the flyers and drawing attention. The producer goes back to the boards, burrowing in the studio, and starts working on new cuts. Leading ATX femcee KB the Boo Bonic remembers when she was just getting started with rap more than a decade ago. In Austin and her native Houston, she spent her evenings at beat battles, listening to new cuts from producers in competition to figure out who she’d like to work with. For five months now, she’s thrown a monthly rap showcase at Flamingo Cantina, even bringing scalding hot H-town rapper Doughbeezy to the Sixth Street venue last month. Shortly after that show, she realized she hadn’t seen a beat battle in a while. Of course she decided to make one of her own.”

“KB the Boo Bonic is a woman, a Texan, a writer, a college graduate and maybe the last person you would ever expect to be a rapper. She started rapping over 10 years ago amidst the mix of her friends on the turntables and blunts and beers. KB’s sophmore project is entitled Farrah Flossitt. The title track will be available for pre-sale on iTunes January 25th. The full album releases on February 15, 2015. She does what she does for her love of hip hop culture, music, writing, and creating. She strongly feels hip hop fans, especially women in hip hop, deserve more than they are being given by the industry, and something needs to be done about it. She’ll be your Huckleberry.”

“I do what I do because I love hip hop culture, music, writing and creating. I also feel that women in hip hop deserve more than they are being given and something needs to be done about it. Hope you enjoy my music because I enjoy making it.”

"I always was very shy when I was younger and had trouble get up in front of people in any arena. I tell people who knew me when I was younger Im a rapper and they TRIP. It has been a great way for me to connect with all kinds of people though, and when it comes down to it, i just have a badass time doing it."

“Just wanted to re-tag Audra Schroeder’s awesome piece about Austin-based female MCs if you didn’t see this week’s cover story in The Austin Chronicle. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know any of these artists, but I’m definitely checking them out and thinking about adding them to the music history curriculum for GRCA. Because if I’m excited that KB the Boo Bonic describes herself as “a little Pimp C and a little Cyndi Lauper,” maybe other girls will be too.”

“So anyone else digging on 35 Conferette booking some quality hip-hop acts? There are some pretty legit national acts on the bill but I am equally impressed with the Texas hip-hop artists slated to perform this week in the form of Dem Southernfolkz, The League of Extraordinary Gz, Damaged Good$, 4th & Inchez, and KB the Boo Bonic. In doing some of my research for the Conferette I came across this documentary about Austin’s KB the Boo Bonic. UT film student Chelsea Hernandez did a great job with the film, offering us a unique look into the life of a female emcee staking her claim in the mostly male-dominated rap scene. I think you’ll like this little flick as much as I did. The video was too large to embed but you can hit the link below to check it out! http://www.youtube.com/user/kbtheboobonic#p/a/u/0/EJ3wd1P0Dts -Josh”

“Her rapid-fire flow onstage reflects her talent for wordplay – it's easy to believe her when she drawls, "I'm a little Pimp C and a little Cyndi Lauper."... "I write about stuff that pisses me off, guys who've done me wrong, but even if a situation is serious, I try to at least make fun of the situation, have a sense of humor." Bowers' style steps somewhere between dirty South and Grae's oddly punctuated missives, which should lend itself nicely to a fall full-length debut. She also sees being a female rapper in this scene as an advantage, in that she immediately stands out from the sea of guys, adding, "and then if you're good and smart and confident and stay true to yourself, it doesn't matter if you're a woman..."”

"White and preppy; takes no guff." -in Six-Word Reviews of 1302 SXSW mp3s

“Top 10s of 2010 Top 10 National 1) WARPAINT The Fool (Rough Trade) 2) GLASSER Ring (True Panther) 3) BEACH HOUSE Teen Dream (Sub Pop) 4) SHARON VAN ETTEN Epic (Ba Da Bing) 5) EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING Rush to Relax (Goner) 6) SUPERCHUNK Majesty Shredding (Merge) 7) TY SEGALL Melted (Goner) 8) WYATT, ATZMON & STEPHEN For the Ghosts Within (Domino) 9) TWIN SISTER Color Your Life (Infinite Best Recordings) 10) BIG BOI Sir Lucious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty (Def Jam) Top 10 Texas 1) 'CASUAL VICTIM PILE' (Matador) 2) THE GARY Logan (Cedar Fever) 3) KB THE BOO BONIC Scars Are Sexy 4) SARAH JAFFE Suburban Nature (Kirtland) 5) NO MAS BODAS Erotic Stories From the Space Capsule 6) SHAWN DAVID MCMILLEN Dead Friends (Tompkins Square) 7) WEIRD WEEDS Help Me Name Melody (Autobus) 8) SHEARWATER The Golden Archipelago (Matador) 9) MY EDUCATION Sunrise (Strange Attractors Audio House) 10) ST 37 High and Inside”

“Top 10s of 2010 Top 10 National 1) ARCADE FIRE The Suburbs (Merge) 2) BEACH HOUSE Teen Dream (Sub Pop) 3) TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS Mojo (Warner Bros.) 4) SIERRA LEONE'S REFUGEE ALL STARS Rise & Shine (Cumbancha) 5) JULIETA VENEGAS Otra Cosa (Sony Music Latin) 6) TITUS ANDRONICUS The Monitor (XL Recordings) 7) ELIKEH Adje! Adje! (Azalea City Recordings) 8) NEIL YOUNG Le Noise (Reprise) 9) SHE & HIM Volume Two (Merge) 10) THE SOFT PACK (Kemado) Ten Locals To Grow On 1) HOSEA HARGROVE Tex Golden Nugget (Dialtone) 2) AUSTIN COLLINS & THE RAINBIRDS Wrong Control (Eight Dollar Music) 3) BLAZE FOLEY The Dawg Years (Fat Possum) 4) KB THE BOO BONIC Scars Are Sexy 5) 'QUEENIE PIE' (Longhorn Music) 6) DIKES OF HOLLAND (Sundae) 7) THE BLIND PETS Smashed 8) THE BRIGHT LIGHT SOCIAL HOUR 9) MY EDUCATION Sunrise (Strange Attractors Audio House) 10) RAY WYLIE HUBBARD A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: There Is No C) (Bordello)”

“The pint-sized hip-hop artist took the stage solo -- wearing a fake beard to honor Denton, thank you -- spitting rhymes from her debut album Scars Are Sexy. She was plagued by a scratchy voice -- thanks to a winter cold -- but carried on gamely, compensating with a chilled-out arrogance that's only tolerable in hip-hop.”

“It was also a year in which women made some of the best albums below the radar. L.A. quartet Warpaint's elegant debut, The Fool, was a tribute of sorts to the Slits' tribal buzz. Glasser's Ring, Zola Jesus' Stridulum II, Grass Widow's Past Time, Best Coast's Crazy for You, U.S. Girls' Go Grey, and Sharon Van Etten's Epic were variations on a theme, from rooms with different views. Locally, KB the Boo Bonic's Scars Are Sexy, No Mas Bodas' Erotic Stories From the Space Capsule, Agent Ribbons' Chateau Crone, and Dallas songbird Sarah Jaffe's Suburban Nature all revise the art of storytelling. The idea of reinventing the typical girl never felt more appropriate than in 2010. Which begs the question: Should we remodel the dream house or have a demolition party?”

“Kara Bowers' debut LP, Scars Are Sexy, finds balance in changing up the MC game. The Houston-bred local steps into her DJ Rapid Ric-mixed full-length with tough songs, showing off her muscle first on "Click Clack" and "My M.O." While both might initially come off like typical one-up raps, when she spits, "Why I care about a hater, I'm too busy being fly," it's an assertion of self, not material things. Her slang is Southern, and when she really gets going, her flow develops a distinctive hiccup, as on ladies' night anthem "2 Playa." On "Touch Bass" she channels Jean Grae when she assures you she's a "lady laced with guts and grace." The title track is the clincher here, Bowers both singing and rapping until she finds her center: "If you wanna battle, go ahead and rap me/If you wanna hurt me, go ahead and test me/If you play dirty, it'll get messy/But scars are sexy." A local game-changer”

“Around the time of the Chronicle's hip-hop report, “This Time Just the Girls,” Chelsea Hernandez posted this insightful mini-documentary on KB the Boo Bonic, arguably the scene's leading lady. It's worth your time.”

"Confident, sassy southern swagger mixed with lyrics that will verbally bitch slap you while simultaneously making you laugh...and you might get a little turned on...."

“DH: How do you describe your style? I ask that because a lot of Hip-Hop out here especially the mainstream seems like a lot of people copy each other, plus Female MC’s that do come out seem like they were created as characters by their record labels. You seem like you are not scared to be different and be yourself. KB: My style is a reflection of me. It is really random. Like I said before, I am a writer at heart, so I concentrate heavily on lyricism and wordplay, double meanings and flexing my vocab. I have had people say that I need to keep it basic, not use certain words because, speculatively, most people don’t know what they mean. It is insulting. I think people underestimate the intelligence of people who listen to hip hop and rap and that is ridiculous.”

“Around this time last year, Kara Bowers was featured in the Chronicle’s profile of female rappers. She punctuated her style by saying, “I’m a little Pimp C and a little Cyndi Lauper.” The Houston-bred Bowers, who goes by KB the Boo Bonic on stage, has since come into her own. She’s been the subject of a short documentary called “FeMC,” which has screened locally and nationally, and finally released her debut album, Scars Are Sexy, mixed by Rapid Ric. ..“I just recorded the tracks as I went through the past few years of my life. The way it progressed was an eclectic mix of sounds, subjects, emotions, and styles in the body of music.” It is sort of a blueprint, though, subtly plotting a course through the male-dominated landscape of Texas rap. There’s a distinct femininity but also some muscle behind tracks like “Click Clack.” “Glitter Ain’t Gold” and the title track ride a smoother..”

"If you want to see up-and-coming real talent from Texas, that’s a good mix of folks. P.O.S. from Doomtree is gonna kill it this year. Rock-wise I'm excited to see the band Complete from Ft. Worth. They're an Internet sensation. Locally, I like this girl Eyeris a lot. I'd like to see more female rappers, like we got KB the Boo Bonic. After South by Southwest, I'm gonna book a lot more shows and I'm gonna focus on bringing more females to the front. I go to all these shows and there are no females. They exist, but where are they?" -Matt Sonzala

"You're really good at rapping and how can you talk that fast!?"

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